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Aircraft Wheel and Brake Solutions

Aircraft Wheel and Brake Solutions

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Featuring this month

Featuring this month

The AWT 950 NG Eddy Current flaw detector equipment, works with a wide range of bead seat wheels and gives you the option to work in automatic or manual mode, depending on your needs.

Versatile and reliable, the AWT 950 NG has an open system for customization, is easy to integrate into your facility conveyor, its height is adjustable, and its touch screen control panel facilitates the testing process. Learn more

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Supporting: USA, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Qatar, SE Asia


  • In 1994 DASS & Associates LLC was founded. Registered in Texas, USA. Focused on providing Technical and Business support for Engine/APU overhaul facilities and Engine Parts Trading
  • In 2000 acquired full control of Jetas International with a European partner, and merged both companies into DASS Aero Engine Services (DAES).
  • In 2002 created DASS Logistics, located in Florida to focus on growing the Engine Parts Trading Business.
  • After the turn of the millennium the company adjusted to the “roller coaster” aviation business environment by expanding into supporting leading aerospace equipment manufacturers as a complementary DAES business line.
  • Consulting support was added in 2012.
  • In February 2014 the DAES Executive Leadership Team (ELT) sanctioned a broader strategic initiative to create:
    • Turnkey Project Management utilizing the Consulting & Capital Equipment group skills
    • Establish an After Sales Equipment Service company
    • Evaluate the potential of an Aerospace Distribution operation
    • An broader ownership base rewarding Senior DAES Management for success
  • In 2014 DAES Services was incorporated followed by DAES Distribution in 2015
  • In 2016 the company grown to provide specific support to customers located in the United Arab Emirates and the South East Asia region (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines) out of our Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta locations.
  • By the end of 2016 the Distribution network integrated Regional Sales Representatives covering the USA,  Canada and Mexico.
  • DAES Distribution CAGE Code: 7JZ50  |  NAICS Code: 423860
  • ISO 9001:2015


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