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Straaltechniek - aerospace shot peening and blasting machines

Netherlands-based innovators in shot peening and high-end blasting turnkey solutions

Straaltechniek International develops and builds complete shot peening and high-end blasting installations for the aerospace industry. Each installation is unique and fully adapted to the customer’s specifications.

Key Features

  • Completely customized.
  • Designed and adapted to client’s specific needs.
  • Innovative installations.
  • Planned by qualified and experienced engineers.
  • Suitable for compliance with standards such as NADCAP, AS9100, FAA, and EASA
  • Automatic shot peening process data can be recorded for quality control.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Installation and operation assistance.
  • High degree of automation. Manual interventions are limited to obtain consistent quality, and to save time and labor costs.

The solution against metal fatigue

Shot peening is Ideal for landing gear, turbine blades, discs, and shafts. Increase resistance to crack formation and breakage, and extends components lifespan. 

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 Straaltechniek - aerospace shot peening and blasting machines

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