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FST - Thermal spray solutions.

High quality, flexibility and customer oriented.  

For over 20 years, FST has been at the forefront of supplying the thermal spray industry, offering a wide range of products from systems and materials to masking tapes and spare parts.  

The thermal spray systems are a cost-effective solution to protect substrate surfaces from wear or corrosion; boost parts performance; collaborate with turbine blades temperature resistant; and repair aerospace components.  

Typical aerospace uses:  
  • Actuation systems
  • Blisk
  • Fan disk
  • Flanges Stators
  • Mid spams
  • Bearing journals
  • Auxiliary power unit components
  • Environmental control components
  •  Combustors, augmentor liners and baskets
  •  Landing gear components
  •  Propulsion structures
  •  Slat and flap tracks
  •  Starter components
  •  Wing components
  •  Wheel bearing fits
  •  Shrouds
  •  Blades    

FST Thermal Spray Equipment

Turnkey Thermal Spray Systems  

Each tailor-made system, designed, manufactured and installed by FST,  includes the core coating and control equipment, and all required peripheral components, such as sound-proof spray booth, gun handling systems, robots, turntables, and dust extractors.  

 Committed to safety and quality FST integrated solutions
  • Use only first-class components
  • Count on safety sensors       
  • Include e-stops components.  

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) Spray  

Typical coatings: Nickel & Cobalt based alloys, Stellite, Triballoy, Inconel, Iron based alloys, AISI 316L, Carbides, Cermets, MCrAlY   Main applications: Wear resistance Sliding, Abrasive, Erosion, etc.| Chemical resistance | High Temperature applications   Equipment: Multi Process System MP-50 | HV-50 HVOF | HV-25 HVOF  

Plasma Spray  

Typical coatings: Ceramics, Carbides & Cermets, Iron, Nickel & Cobalt based alloys, Abradable   Main applications: Wear resistance Sliding, Abrasive, Erosion, etc. | Corrosion resistance | Thermal barriers | Combinations   Equipment: AP-25 | AP-50 | Multi Process System  

Cold Gas Spray  

 Typical coatings: Ductile materials & alloys, Zn, Al, Ni, Ti, Cu, Ag, NiCr, CuAl, MCrAlY’s, High end materials: Nobium or Tantalum   Main applications: Electrical and thermal conductivity | Pre-placement of solders | Corrosion protection | Dimensional restoration   Equipment: Impact Cold Spray System 5/8 | Impact Cold Spray System 5/11  

Arc Wire Spray  

Typical coatings: Iron based alloys, Nickel based alloys, Cobalt base alloy, Copper & Copper alloys, Aluminum, Zinc, Al/Zn alloys, Babbitt alloys   Main applications: Wear resistance, Corrosion protection, Dimensional restoration, Bond coat Equipment: AWS-400 | AWS-400c | AWS-650c  

Flame Powder Spray

Typical coatings: Self-fluxing alloys (fusing), Iron based alloys, Nickel based alloys, Ceramics & Cermets, Abradables   Main applications: Wear resistance, Corrosion protection, Chemical resistance, Dimensional restoration   Equipment: 5PII | 6PII  

Flame Wire Spray  

Typical coatings: Iron based alloys, Nickel based alloys, Molybdenum, Copper & Copper alloys Aluminum, Zinc, Al/Zn alloys   Main applications: Wear resistance, Friction properties, Corrosion protection, Dimensional restoration, Electromagnetic shielding  

Laser Cladding  

Equipment: Fiber Laser Cladding | Free-space Direct Diode Laser Cladding    

FST Consumables and spare parts

FST provides consumables to operate the spray equipment such as thermal spray powders, wires, masking tapes, thermal spray guns and spare and wear parts.

MP-50: Thermal Spray Multi-Process System

The MP-50 has been developed to meet the increasing customer demands for better process control, system flexibility, safety features and to  avoid the unnecessary duplication of system peripherals.

  • Delivers consistent coating thanks to the close-loop control system
  • Provides reliable and reproducible results
  • Assures maximum process control including control over all the peripherals
  • Grants a high grade of safety (self-diagnostics functions, auto shuts down and safety sensors)
  • Separates gasses and fuels from the electrical parts
  • Monitors consumption of gases and fuel to evaluate procedure costs
  • Assures efficiency: minimizes maintenance, simplifies operation, and improves performance and uptime
  • Enables system expansion and the possibility to separate the HVOF and the Plasma systems Offers a clear overview of the ongoing spray process

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FST - Thermal spray solutions.

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