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FinnSonic - Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions and FPI Systems

FinnSonic, headquartered in Finland, has served customers worldwide for over 40 year, offering intelligent, safe, and cost-effective solutions for demanding parts cleaning needs. 

General benefits of FinnSonic solutions for industrial parts cleaning and NDT inspection

  • Top quality at lower cost
  • Short cycle times
  • Removes particles down to micron grade
  • Cleans even the toughest impurities from complex structures
  • Works with a wide range of different chemicals
  • Environment-friendly

Ultrasonic Cleaning Cavitation Technology 

When a component is immersed into the ultrasonic tank, an ultrasonic frequency vibration is transmitted into the liquid creating cavitation bubbles; and those cavitation bubbles are the ones that remove the impurities from the part surface. 

Intelligent solutions to detect surface cracks on aerospace components. Non-Destructive Test (NDT)

NDT lines

FPI solutions for aerospace manufacturing and MRO

FinnSonic FPI Lines meet the aerospace industry standards at the time that assures high quality to guarantee the results; brings high capacity and small footprint; provides traceability; reduces energy and water consumption; and assures low operational costs. 

  • FPI Line for Airfoils: A high-capacity system with smart rinse water recycling
  • Monorail FPI Line for Engine Parts: A booth type line ideal for large components
  • Full-size FPI Line for Widebody Engines: An encapsulated line with a flexible crane system
  • FPI Line with Integrated Cleaning in Robot Cell

FinnSonic fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) lines
fpi line aircraft components

10 Key reasons to choose FinnSonic FPI lines for the aerospace industry

  • Save time: the high capacity of the line conveyors processes several parts at a time using baskets or individually specially designed.
  • Efficient use of labor time: the line automation transports the parts through each treatment phase giving the operator the freedom to perform other tasks.
  • Optimize space: in addition to the line’s high capacity, FinnSonic delivers the smaller possible size.
  • Monitors: the line system monitors different variables such as jet pressure, treatment temperatures, and treatment times, minimizing human errors.
  • Traceable: the system line, automatically, records the data giving the operator the ability to review and check the values of the variables.
  • Repeatability: improving facility operational efficiency.
  • Smart process for smart results: the electrostatic penetrant liquid and developer spray process guarantees an even result and reduce the chemical consumption.
  • Enhance workplace safety: the safety casing reduces the noise level and prevents vapors from contaminating the workplace environment. (As an option, a vapor extractor system can be added.)
  • Optional cleaning: an ultrasonic cleaning integration is possible.
  • Environmentally friendly: the line is designed for efficient energy and water consumption.

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FinnSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Aircraft Parts

Recognized in more than 30 countries, FinnSonic aero engines parts cleaning systems are modular and flexible to adjust to specific requirements.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a powerful and  effective cleaning method and can be used before coating, after-machining, prior to surface treatment, and product-finishing stages.

CORUS Ultrasonic Cleaning Units for Maintenance Parts Cleaning

aerospace ultrasonic part cleaning
With standard units, capable of handling up to 1102 lbs, and the possibility to build bigger tanks to meet specific customer needs, FinnSonic Corus is the perfect solution for components cleaning.

Easy-to-use and environmentally friendly Corus leads you to improve efficiency: reducing labor cost, reducing cleaning time, and improving the cleaning results. 

Good for jet fighter engine rings, jet engine fuel pipes, jet engine shafts, helicopter jet engine parts, bearings, blades, nozzles, valves, sensors, valves, sealing, measuring devices, pump parts, pneumatic and hydraulic parts, filters, sieves, and heat exchangers

Main Benefits

  • Grants gentle and non-abrasive surface treatments
  • Delivers precise and superior cleaning results inclusive when processing complex structures
  • Enhances work safety
  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Promotes cost reductions through its advanced technology that guarantee low energy and water consumption
  • Reduces manual labor

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VERSA GENIUS - Ultrasonic Manual or Fully Automated Cleaning Lines

cleaning aircraft bearings nuts and bolts
FinnSonic Versa ultrasonic cleaning line offers a wide range of possibilities and configurations that goes from a single manually operated unit to a fully automated multi-step process line. 

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OPTIMA Ultrasonic Cleaning Line for Manufacturing Industries

aircraft components cleaning with ultrasonic technology
FinnSonic Optima offers intelligent, smart, safe, and cost-effective cleaning solutions for demanding applications. Ideal for cleaning jet engine parts, landing gear components, and airframe components. 

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FINNSONIC MI - Ultrasonic Cleaning Units
FinnSonic MI is a compact and fast solution for industrial parts cleaning. The unit is easy to operate and maintain. MI series’ modules are made of stainless steel ideal for demanding conditions and heavy use. aircraft parts cleaning

4 steps and 15 min to clean fan blades prior to NDT

best ultrasonic cleaning system for aircraft fan blades


Clean aircraft oil and fuel pumps in 15 min

most relaible solution to clean aircraft oil pump housings

 It is well known that cleaning a component with internal cavities and small holes is a challenge, and a time-consuming process. However, the right equipment brings the possibility to clean the aircraft components in a better and faster way.

A small and automated FinnSonic ultrasonic cleaner line that can handle up to 5 baskets simultaneously can process oil and fuel pumps delivering perfect cleaning results in just 15 minutes. The ultrasonic cleaner dissolves all of the contaminants hidden between and inside slots, during a 5-stage cycle.

The process starts with an immersion cycle that combines an Ultrasonic wash and Jet Spray technology. to remove the heaviest contaminants.

An immersion wash cycle with vertical basket agitation that combines Ultrasonic washing, Sonicjet and Jet spray cleaning, resulting in a contaminant free component

A tap water rinse designed to remove detergent residues with air bubble agitation to promote efficiency.

A thermal tank equipped with a heat-insulated lid, and HEPA filters recirculate hot air through the parts.

The final stage consists of a vacuum drying cycle ensuring the component emerges 100% clean, dry, and ready for inspection.

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Ultrasonic detergents: Cavitec

To obtain the best cleaning result, FinnSonic offers different options depending on the material to be cleaned, and the contaminant to be eliminated.

ultrasonic detergent

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FinnSonic - Aerospace Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions and FPI Systems

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